The Sail Together Association

The Sail Together Association (STA) is an association for the promotion of national and international meeting and integration of people with and without handicaps founded in May 2001. The STA brought together people with and without handicaps from protestant youth clubs in Dortmund, Luenen, Leverkusen and the Swedish church municipality in Avesta. Our roots lie in the work of the Dortmund protestant youth. Already in the early 80's the idea of letting disabled and able-bodied young people go on integrated excursions was being realized. Years of experience in the organization of integrated social activities form the basis of our work and shape the current sailing project.


Sail-Together Association

c/oKontaktstelle Evangelische Jugend
Gut-Heil-Straße 10
44145 Dortmund   
Phone: ++49-231-84796937
Fax: ++49-231-84796938
Email: info(at)sail-together.de      

Staff in Dortmund:

  • Martina Edling: Administration Phone: +49-231-847969-30
  • Uwe Ihlau: Project development Phone: +49-231-84796-30
  • Dirk Loose: Project management Phone: + 49-231-847969-34

Executive committee:

  • Lothar Ständecke 
  • Sabine Rost  

Accounting dept:


  • Dirk Loose



The Sail Together Association is registered with the Dortmund District Courts Registry - No.5427


Here you will find a listing of co-operation partners and sponsors of the Sail-Together Association.

"Wenn du ein Schiff bauen willst, dann trommle nicht Menschen zusammen, um Holz zu beschaffen, Aufgaben zu vergeben und die Arbeit zu verteilen, sondern lehre sie die Sehnsucht nach dem weiten endlosen Meer."

Antoine de Saint Exupéry